Recent episodes

E34 - Catcalling, Citizenship, and Festivity

Raising awareness of harassment, naturalization in Germany, and a festive exhibition… Using chalk to fight harassment in the street, getting German citizenship may become easier, and an exhibition in NYC stirs the senses.

E33 - 8 Billion, Ritzy Shops, and a Wine Bath

Eight billion humans, a department store turns 115, and wine lovers take a bath… There are more humans than ever, glamorous shopping hasn't lost its shine for some, and Japanese wine lovers take it further than most.

E32 - Dance, Blackout Prep, and Less Shopping

Getting warm by dancing, blackout preparation, and Christmas in the retail sector… Swinging steps warm the body and mind, preparing for a blackout can put you at ease, and retailers in Germany anticipate low sales ahead of Christmas.

E31 - A Pony, Climate Rage, and No Football

A charming little pony, a stand-off in a protest, and German pubs boycotting Qatar… Pumuckel the pony may well feature in the Guinness World Records soon, fear of a climate collapse fuels protests, and the World Cup is not welcome this year.