Recent episodes

S1E9 - A Safe Haven in Genova

Join Sen as she couchsurfs at her friend Camilla's place in Genoa. We'll get lost in the labyrinth of caruggi and discover fairy-tale neighborhoods, try a piece of focaccia in a historical bakery, and visit a cathedral that hides a secret – un vero miracolo! But that's not all. What's the leggenda del cane di San Lorenzo? Why are the Genoans known for being tirchi e avidi, stingy and greedy? And which world-famous product was invented in Genoa?

S1E10 - Verona - The City of Love

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S1E8 - Firenze - City of Art and Culture

Sonia tells us about her hometown, Florence, the city of the Renaissance. The world-famous Uffizi museum complex, capolavori, artistic masterpieces, and the origins of the Italian language – Florence has it all. And, Sonia has some great insider tips for all you Italy connoisseurs. She recommends a market where you can buy real leather goods, and le peletterie, a rooftop terrace with the most beautiful view of the city. A perfect place to end an evening! There's also no shortage of culinary tips: What's a lampredotto? What makes a good fiorentina? And what kind of treats can you enjoy in an enoteca?

S1E7 - In the Labyrinth of Lecce

The perfect balance of beaches and culture makes Lecce the ideal vacation destination! Linda invites Sen to her place to tell her all about her hometown, and with her words she paints us a picture of lavishly decorated Baroque buildings and hidden treasures: the profile of a woman in a façade, or the labirinto di piccole strade, a winding maze of alleys in the heart of the city. There's so much to discover! What does a caffè leccese taste like? How is the festa di Sant'Oronzo celebrated? And what does it have to do with the "living room of the city"? It's hard to believe that this city of culture is nestled in the paradise between il Mar Ionio and il Mar Adriatico!