S1E10 - Talking Shop

Dec 16, 2021
Rahim has trouble understanding an excited Mason at the company BBQ. Mason is using lots of idiomatic and colloquial language. Let’s see if they can find a way to understand each other before their big karaoke performance!

S1E9 - Last-minute Deal

Dec 16, 2021
Rahim wants to help Mason with his task, but he has some conditions. Let’s see what advice Conor has for working out a fair deal with a colleague.

S1E8 - Coffee Break

Dec 05, 2021
Rahim feels his company can do more to protect the environment. During a coffee break he meets senior manager, Julie. This is his chance to talk about making some changes. Will Julie agree with Rahim?

S1E7 - Reply All?

Nov 21, 2021
Mason emailed some confidential information to the wrong people. He didn’t read the instructions carefully and now Sabine needs to show him how to do better next time.

S1E6 - All aboard!

Nov 04, 2021
It’s Mason’s first day and Rahim is responsible for his onboarding. But, Mason seems to know a lot already. Can Rahim teach him something new without it being too boring for Mason?

S1E5 - The Mix-up

Oct 21, 2021
Mason realises that he is interviewing for a completely different job! Can Sabine think on her feet and lead a successful interview? Key vocabulary: To be good with numbers - skilled in mathematics R&D department - research and development department Mix-up - a misunderstanding to think on your feet - react spontaneously Situational questions - questions about hypothetical situations Behavioural questions - questions about past behaviour

S1E4 - Trying to connect

Oct 07, 2021
Sabine leads her first online job interview but it doesn’t start off well! The trainee candidate, Mason, is really nervous. Can Sabine put him at ease and lead a successful interview?

S1E3 - Horror Hotel

Sep 24, 2021
Rahim needs to complain about a poor hotel conference experience. The finger food was stale and the equipment was faulty. Can Rahim negotiate some compensation for his company? Learn more in the Babbel lesson - “Business English: Competencies - Course 8: Negotiation”: https://bit.ly/business-english-negotiation You can follow this link to the book mentioned in the podcast - “Getting to Yes!” by Roger Fisher and William Ury: https://bit.ly/book-getting-to-yes Key vocabulary: dongle - a portable internet modem canapés - bite-sized snacks discount - a deduction from the usual cost faulty - having faults or defects

S1E2 - Timezone Tango

Sep 01, 2021
Rahim is challenged with international colleagues not showing up for meetings. Rahim needs Conor’s help to present some suggestions on how to work asynchronously in a glocal company without sacrificing cross-team collaboration.. And don’t just listen, read along!

S1E1 - Stuck for Words

Aug 26, 2021
Rahim is giving a presentation on 3D printing, when suddenly his mind goes blank. Can Rahim make use of Conor’s advice to get unstuck? Let’s find out!

S1E0 - Trailer

Aug 26, 2021
Follow and learn from Rahim and Sabine's challenges using business English at work. Our business English mentor, Conor, is ready to provide tips and tricks on how to overcome some tricky workplace challenges!