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S2E10 - Buying Time

It’s almost opening day! Vanessa and Angela make plans for the grand opening party. Angela and Vanessa are organizing the grand opening party. But they’re having a hard time remembering words they want to use and keep getting interrupted and distracted during their meeting. Luckily Conor, your host and English language mentor, shows up with some handy expressions they, and you, can use to buy some time.

S2E9 - Planning Ahead

Mira and Angela are planning Café Damascus’s grand opening. Will they be prepared? A lot could go wrong on the day of the grand opening of Mira’s new café. So she’s on the phone with Angela, the event planner, discussing how to plan ahead for terrible weather or unexpected guests.

S2E8 - Figuring it Out

Mira and Vanessa face some challenges understanding the instructions for a new piece of equipment. Vanessa’s first task at the café is to set up the new espresso machine. But the manual is in Italian, which she doesn’t speak! Martin, the technician, sent an email with instructions, but his English is full of idioms and colloquial expressions. They’ll have to work together to figure it out, and get the new machine up and running.

S2E7 - Asking What’s Possible

The time has come for Mira to hire a new employee for her café. She’s found someone with the right skills and experience, but she encounters an unexpected obstacle. So she’ll have to find out whether or not this potential candidate is suitable for the job.