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Conor: Are you using English at work? Or maybe you’re familiar with the stresses that can occur when you’re doing a presentation and can’t remember a word. If any of this sounds familiar and you’d like a little bit of guidance, then keep listening.
This is Talking on the job, a podcast that helps you gain more confidence when it comes to speaking English in a business context. I’m Conor, your business English mentor, and I’m ready to share all of my best tips and tricks with you… But, we’re not going to do this alone. Meet Rahim and Sabine, two colleagues who are very familiar with the difficulties and stress that come with using a language that isn’t your own.
Sabine: Hi. My name is Sabine and I’m from Germany. I have worked in an international environment for many years now, but I don’t feel confident enough speaking English. I am a senior manager, so I need to be a good example. One thing I really want is to learn to keep up with conversations… especially with what my younger colleagues are talking about.
Rahim: My name is Rahim. I grew up in Morocco which is also where I finished my business degree about five years ago. I work in an international company and I really want to improve my business English. In my spare time, I am teaching myself to DJ and produce my own music. I would describe myself as intelligent, hardworking and very likeable.
Conor: Sabine and Rahim both work at the same company and through this series we will be hearing from them when things get a little… complicated. That’s where I will jump in with solutions that, hopefully, will make Talking on the job in English easier for them both… and, of course, for you, dear listener. So, what are you waiting for? The first episode is ready for you.
Follow and learn from Rahim and Sabine's challenges using business English at work. Our business English mentor, Conor, is ready to provide tips and tricks on how to overcome some tricky workplace challenges!