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S2E5 - Estás listo for the real world?

Logan gets ready to set up a meeting where his new Spanish skills will be tested. After weeks of exploring Spanish topics, both Logan and Esteban are going on a trip. Logan learns how to set up plans in Spanish, and Esteban plans a surprise with his sister. Key vocabulary: ¿Quieres ir a…? Reunirnos / vernos / quedar ¿A qué hora?

S2E4 - Everyday I study español

Esteban and Logan discuss their routine as they explore habits and reflexive verbs. Logan learns about adverbs of frequency, and Esteban talks about every-day activities using reflexive verbs. They also hear from Babbel Live teacher Pili about their busy schedule in Argentina. Key vocabulary: Siempre / A veces / Nunca Despertarse / Dormirse

S2E3 - Welcome to the familia

Logan explores his family tree and learns how to talk about his favorite relatives. Esteban explains how to talk in the third person, and we explore possessive adjectives. Esteban also shares his conversation with Babbel Live teacher Ruby about the life of her mother. Key vocabulary: Family vocabulary Possessive adjectives

S2E2 - Do you like the verb gustar?

Logan learns the quirky rules of verbs like “gustar” to express likes and dislikes. Esteban explains the structure of “me gusta,” and they talk about wants and preferences. Esteban also talks to Laura about the best food in Barcelona.