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Ep. 10 Voy a Madrid

Mar 26, 2020
Catriona is too busy packing for her trip to Madrid, so she and Héctor go through a quick grammar and vocabulary lesson to talk about your holiday plans. Help us to improve the podcast! Give us feedback here:

Ep. 9 - "Hay muchos museos en Madrid"

Mar 09, 2020
Catriona is looking forward to her holiday in Madrid to practice Spanish. Learn along with her to say what there is in the capital of Spain.

Ep. 8 - "¿Cómo se pronuncia…?"

Feb 25, 2020
One of Catriona's resolutions for 2020 is to improve her pronunciation. Join her while Héctor shares very useful tips to be more understandable in Spanish. Challenge phrases:-Escocia es parte del Reino Unido (Scotland is part of the United Kingdom)-Uruguay está en Sudamérica (Uruguay is in South America).-Logroño es una ciudad de España (Logroño is a city in Spain)-La vida en Berlin es fabulosa (Life in Berlin is fabulous)-La Alhambra está en Granada (The Alhambra is inGranada)-Avellaneda está en Buenos Aires, Argentina (Avellaneda is in Buenos Aires,Argentina)-El Cerro de la Bufa está en el centro de Zacatecas (Bufa Hill is in downtownZacatecas)-Barranquilla es una ciudad colombiana (Barranquilla is a Colombian city)

Ep. 7 - Vivimos en Berlín

Feb 03, 2020
Catriona and Héctor talk about where they and their families live as they go through the last verb group in Spanish: the verbs ending in "-ir". Practice the key phrases from the episode using this handy list: